I am sitting here this evening reflecting on an incredible outpouring of love, support and inspiration over the past 4 days from friends, family, neighbours, physicians, nurses, volunteers, teachers, therapists, coordinators who were a part of Kate’s life.

Kate died November 30th. She was 8 years old.

There are no words to express how I feel right now. Just raw emotion and a gut wrenching pain that no mom should ever experience. My daughter did not deserve this end. She deserved to live. She was a fighter, but she was also pure joy and light. Something this world desperately needs.

In the days to come you will learn more about Kate, because I will continue to write about her and celebrate her. We will have a public memorial on December 13th to celebrate her life and we are welcoming all to attend. (Details to come).

A person like Kate needs to be remembered. She literally changed the lives of others for the better. She was the embodiment of what is right with this world and what we should all strive for. That will be part of her legacy, and I plan to live it for her as best I can.


Kate’s Mom


  1. Absolute love here. Your right. Kate did not deserve this, nor do you, Bryan and Jack. Kate’s joy and light shine down on us now. We love you Kate.


  2. My heart goes out to you. As a parent there is nothing more precious than the life we create and cherish, the life we hold on to forever. While my wife and I also lost a daughter, there is no way to fully understand what your family is going through in this time of grief and reflection. Hold on to each other, and hold on to your love of Kate. The strength it to took to get this far will help you going forward. Please accept our condolences; our thoughts are with you.


  3. I am sorry I cannot join you in the celebration of Kate’s life, but my thoughts are with you. She was fortunate to have you as her family; your love and strength are an inspiration to all. Love to all of you in this difficult time; Kate’s memory will stay with us.


  4. Our hearts ache for you Julie, Jack and Kate. Your little angel is finally at peace. No words can express how inspirational you are and how Kate was and will continue to be to people all over this country. May the love, support and kindness of many continue to surround you in your time of grief. Her little light will shine forever in our hearts.

    Al and Joy


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