Turning 5!

I realize I just wrote a post on “Kate’s Story”, but I also wanted to update you on her birthday.

It was wonderful.

I got over myself and reminded myself of what was important. October 11th started off as a difficult day, and then I reminded myself that my little girl deserved a fun and happy birthday – not a brooding and morose mom. I think blogging about it and sharing my sadness helped a bit.  So I pulled it together. Baked cupcakes, gathered loot bags, organized crafts – and we had 2 birthdays. A wonderful family celebration and dinner on her actual birthday, and a little ‘friend’ party Saturday morning. It was lovely, and fun, and special, and Kate knew is was about her. She may not have understood ‘birthday’ and all the trappings that go with it, but she understood her ‘friends’ were at her house to see her, she definitely got the idea of ‘gifts’ and tore into them, and I think she may even have understood that those cupcakes on fire (with candles) were especially for her.

It was beatiful and perfect for Kate turning 5.




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